Maryland Capital Enterprises, Inc. (MCE) has several volunteer opportunities. Opportunities include participating on our Board committees, being a mentor to MCE's clients, being a volunteer small business counselor, assistance with training, office work, special events and more.

Board Committees Our Board of Directors has the following standing committees that you may volunteer to serve on: Marketing & Loan Committee. Additional standing committees may be formed as needed. Special committees may be formed for special tasks, such as our Fundraising committee. New committees will be announced and volunteers will be sought as they are formed.

Mentoring & Business Counseling If you have experience in operating a business or expertise in an area of business, you are invited to share it with our clients. You can be matched with a business needing your expertise or provide general business assistance to a caseload adjustable to your availability to serve.

Training MCE hosts several small business-training sessions a year. You may volunteer to be a speaker at one of those sessions pertaining to your area of expertise. Topics that speakers are needed are in finance, accounting, tax preparation, marketing, etc.

Office Assistance Volunteer opportunities are available to assist in our office. This may be general office help. Or, it may be to gain experience in assisting businesses, if that is your interest.

Special Events When MCE has special events, volunteer opportunities are available to assist. These may include fundraising events and recognition affairs, such as our Entrepreneur of the Year Banquet, etc.

Internship Opportunities

We welcome your participation. Please contact Maryland Capital Enterprises at 410-546-1900 to find out how YOU can make a difference in the local community.

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